Vasco Lago Pinto

Photographer events, art, parties, theater, music, sports, photo-reportage.

Of these, I can cite some examples, you can see on my pages:
- Photographer private the artist painter Antonio Bartolo
- Paulo Crispim - Floral Artist
- Salva - Martial Arts
- CiArte (Cologne International Visual Arts) event and final event catalog
- International Watercolors Meeting
- CCCTV (Cooperative Communication and Culture of T. Vedras "music, art exhibitions, installations, photography, etc.).
- Portuguese Association of Historical Recreation - Portuguese Royal Volunteers, Lines of Torres Vedras, Napoleon's invasion (historical recreation)
- Tecauto Nights (Classic Music)
- Amateur Theatre of Carreiras
- Trophy Joaquim Agostinho (cycling)
- A.E.S.D.A. in the Youth Festival
- Air Festival
- Motorcycle events
- Photography to paintings
- Etc

- VI International Seminar Images of Culture / Culture of Images (ERASMUS)
University Aberta - city of Porto, Portugal

2009 - Exhibition of Photography in the Ardebar in Santa Cruz
2010 - Exhibition of Photography in the Vinicius Vinhos e Vícios in Turcifal

I do not use flash or artificial lights in my photos, I like to use the light just like it is and explorer it. This, whether day or night, indoors or outside.
In my photos using image editing software and only make small adjustments in the level's and contrast and little USM in the images to resize the web.

I've always been passionate about photography, but just started shooting, almost in the year 2005
I am a self-taught, I studied a lot by reading, seeing exhibitions, shooting, and also with my photographer's friends which I thank them a lot, have always been giving some tips.
Besides my passion in photographing people, what fascinates me most is thelight, how it is transmitted, as reflected, etc.. Perhaps this fact explains a little to my great passion for the B/W, and its light.

Thank you for your visit and wish you enjoy my pictures

You can see some of my pictures here:

Best regards
Vasco Lago Pinto

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